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Thoughts on War

The poor and educated ask what is it for?

The rich wanting more and more

Infinite riches and plentiful resources

Man is a being of War

He’s greedy in nature and wishes to plunder

There’s an Art to the practice of Deception of War-Fare

Sun-Tzu to the ‘Surkovian’ method of Non-Linear

Warfare is evolutionary

Pushing innovation and technology

But when will we evolve beyond its means

Or are we just innately violent beings

Who like to murder; an act of transforming people into things

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PAX Romana- Arms Kept Peace | Nuclear does it achieve the same or will it fail?

But a nation and/or faction is far less likely to attack a strong target, Sun-Tzu wrote about the importance of targeting what is weak in warfare

Pax Romana was a historically impressive period of relative peace and stability in the history of the Roman Empire “Si vis pacem, para bellum”-"If you want peace, prepare for war"

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