Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Thoughts on War

The poor and educated ask what is it for?

The rich wanting more and more

Infinite riches and plentiful resources

Man is a being of War

He’s greedy in nature and wishes to plunder

There’s an Art to the practice of Deception of War-Fare

Sun-Tzu to the ‘Surkovian’ method of Non-Linear

Warfare is evolutionary

Pushing innovation and technology

But when will we evolve beyond its means

Or are we just innately violent beings

Who like to murder; an act of transforming people into things


PAX Romana- Arms Kept Peace | Nuclear does it achieve the same or will it fail?

Inside my heart is a pacifist shouting for peace but my brain argues it isn’t possible unless one is prepared for war

It is a hateful paradox

But a nation and/or faction is far less likely to attack a strong target, Sun-Tzu wrote about the importance of targeting what is weak in warfare

Pax Romana was a historically impressive period of relative peace and stability in the history of the Roman Empire “Si vis pacem, para bellum”-"If you want peace, prepare for war"

Nuclear weapons make sense for various states trying to appear less vulnerable or to maintain a superpower status, however are they worth the risk? When the list of nuclear accidents is a terrifying realisation

The US nuclear arsenal is a gigantic accident waiting to happen - Vox -

In Conclusion nuclear fails as the list of intentional incidents has threatened humanity, The volatility of the accidents alone is frightening but so is the number of malicious acts and intents of nuclear