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Theories in Art

Art theory

By an artist too lazy

To learn too much theory or history

But my i look at art and think deeply

Am i unqualified or entering a subject with dogged dogma

Follow the journey

As i explore Art and it’s true meaning further

Ways of Seeing in the Age of Insta - John Berger Inspired analysis of seeing work in the Digital Age(In-Progress)


The digital age has influenced and changed how we consume artwork and media from the internets influence and social media platforms like instagram changing and influencing gallery spaces into immersive selfie driven experiences.

This dramatic entry into the 21st century has led to a drastic shift in not just the type of work produced but also how audiences experience and see art.

Is it really Art, if the experience is about chasing a like?

Is it more inclusive and more human to make the viewer a part of the experience? Or an adventure in ego of for the sake of their instagram feed?


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