Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Synaptic Storms

I have ideas plenty

They drive me crazy

I put this energy

Into Brainstorms journaled frequently

A series of sketchbooks showcasing my brainstorms
— Callum Joel Richards


I have a deep love of complexity. In a world where the masses prefer a simple narrative, I despise having to dumb down or simplify my work
— Callum Joel Richards
Is Everything Interconnected?
Is Everything Interwoven in a web of destiny?
Is Everything Inevitable?
Is everything determined by mythical fates?
Is all knowledge known by the roots of Yggdrasil?
Our lives are not our own. We are bound to others, past and present, and by each crime and every kindness, we birth our future.
— David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
Every particle collision infers a reaction
Every individual action has an emotional reaction
Every idea manifested from imagination or imitation
Consciousness - Processing of Information
Imagination - A mosaic of subconscious imitation

Root OF THE Problem

In an Infinite Multiverse what the fuck is INFORMATION?

Front Cover


Back Cover


Featured Brainstorms

Cal’s autism has gifted him an unorthodox method of perceiving the world and the patterns that occur within it.
— Clyde Richards

Embark and explore The Pages, Each brainstorm a Map of the mind


Synaptic Twigs - Tags

Sketchbook : FRONT COVER

Front Cover

Synaptic dance, an idea is about to manifest



A bright idea

illuminates the grey matter

Orange supernova

I can now see the texture

A concept with another layer

A sketchbook embodying synaptic fire

Each thought has structure

Every idea becoming Independent of it’s Original thinker

Evolving with every imitator

Into something new

Poem 2

Front Cover

Synaptic Fire

Brainstorm Thinker

Brace yourself for the extreme Weather

An oncoming storm of an inspired Writer

Under Pressure

To change reality with every idea

Poem 3

Synaptic Cover

A canvas of Thought

What i have cannot be Taught

I’m an intuitive Creator

Never Planning

Automatic Drawing

Short Fiction

Short Fiction

The entities that embody the universe sit and ponder

Death fears the idea as she cannot kill or destroy it, Order also fears the idea as it cannot be stopped or controlled

Chaos, Love and Curiosity, This cabal of entities adore the idea as the idea does not hinder their creativity

A war begins between the entities over the concept of the idea and within the bloodshed the ‘idea’ becomes an entity itself

Short Fiction 2

The Artist has become possessed by a demon

On a grey canvas, Monsters he can now summon

Orange is it’s colour

Chaos now bleeds throughout this sketchbook, this cover

What will the demon whisper to the Artist next?



Vague Description

I’m making a point about the energy of the contents with this cover

Bold Orange on a desert of dull grey

A synaptic statement demanding your attention

But why? and to what purpose?

I wasn’t really thinking, Just doing, Just having fun with a creative feeling
— Callum Joel Richards

Complete Description - I do not encourage(Make your own interpretation LAZY!)

A journal cover that mirrors the aesthetic of firing neurons . Despite appearances the result was accidental, there wasn't a plan to make it look like it was covered with synapses. it was merely an improvisation. I knew i wanted to make the background dull with contrasting vibrant details. I was leaning towards a more astronomical aesthetic with more improvisation than planning but it has resulted in quite an obvious and blantant neuronal theme that is very literal, a journal that should be judged by it's cover. A mix of fineliners, pens and Tip-ex were used to create the front cover. It's a very simple piece of work covering a journal intended to identify complex patterns and ideas. My Feelings are very mixed on this cover however i am pleased with it's overall aesthetic


-What is your interpretation of my work?

-How does it make you feel?

-What will you create from this?

-What does it remind you of?

-What do you want to see next?

-What would you change?

-What story do you see within the work?

-What does it remind you of?


-Explain my work, your own personal explanation that is different from my own

-Critique my work - Be constructive and honest