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Main/Personal - @callumjoelrichards

Art/Poetry/Lifestyle/Fitness/Health and Photos of my Border Terrier

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Poetry that will change your life

Black & White Photography - @mono_cal

My Photography - @callumjoelphotography

Photography that tells an intriguing narrative complimented with poetry and short stories

My Brainstorms - @synapticstorms

The abstract interconnections of my ideas and concepts

Negative Photography - @negativecal

My Artwork - @artistfrombirmingham

Artwork of various mediums with poetry, short stories and questions

My Moodboards - @moodspirations

My ideas/concepts blogged via visual moodboard

My Sketchbooks - @sketchbooksbycal

My Relationship with Social Media

Just a tool to communicate my message

  • Visibility doesn’t equal worth

  • I simply share what i create

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  • I own this phone. It doesn’t own me. A lot of calls can wait

  • Social media is designed to be addictive - NOTIFICATIONS OFF!