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Short Meditations and Thoughts

Notes on various themes and things, Thoughts of great variety

Forever thinking philosophically

Trying to reach clarity

On all that i see

Why do we psychologically mutilate ourselves?

We are bombarded with information, digesting propaganda as truth. We have forgotten how to filter, We have forgotten to be wary of what we let enter our minds

Our mind is a contested space. 

Don’t be held hostage to the thoughts of others and advertising

Callum RichardsComment
Why charge tuitions when Universities can profit from science/technological innovations and art

Why charge tuition fees to students- you can’t go on strike if your in debt , so now we have a generation who cannot protest  

but there are many alternatives to charging tuition fees to funding universities

Technology and science universities create inventions, new materials with many applications, Creative courses create thousands of artists with lots of work that can be sold for a commission and other courses could offer services also - if we commercialise the products of the course the universities wouldn’t need to charge tuitions and students would ironically feel and be treated less like products in an age where universities charge high tuitions but course satisfaction is very low