Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Shenanigans on Public Transportations

Why must the commute be a misery

I sketch strangers anonymously

I draw the moving city

I make beats on the go

I write songs and poetry

Public transportation is another opportunity for creativity

Ideas, Drawing, Photography

Writing, Music and Poetry


Continuous Bus Line Sketch on the 45 Bus, 7/1/2019



Now i know

These mistakes will help me grow

I’m bored as Fuck, sketching on the go

Continuous lines flow

Its Automatic, My mind is somewhere else though

Lost in thoughts of self when sketching a stranger

Who am I in this world, A character, artist or passenger?

Another Bus sketch inked on paper


fictional story_

The lonely god does wonder

A deity on public transport

No sight of any offerings or worshipper

Are lost pantheons just men, without a follower?



Got on the bus after a photoshoot and a long wait for the 45

A bag of sustenance from SPAR to help me survive

Bored as usual, so i sketch as usual

My Public transport ritual

A drawing of my environment , Ink flowing from he who is observant


Date: 7/1/2019

22:27-22:32 Monday 7th January

Location: No 45 Bus Route, Birmingham City Centre to Cotteridge

Medium: Fine Liner on Sketchbook

Subject: Anonymous Stranger on Bus

Method: Continuous Line


Project: Bus Sketches

Collection: Shenanigans on Public Transportations


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-How does it make you feel?

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