Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Shenanigans on Public Transportations

Why must the commute be a misery

I sketch strangers anonymously

I draw the moving city

I make beats on the go

I write songs and poetry

Public transportation is another opportunity for creativity

Ideas, Drawing, Photography

Writing, Music and Poetry


That Usual Boredom on No18 Bus Journey


I see a composition from my journey

I document this vision

Through the medium known as photography

All this ambient stimuli sparking inspiration

I live my life a camera and my eyes open


fictional story_

Slow moving day has the narrator too lazy

To share a story

Sadly he has been afflicted with boredom and its driving him crazy

Will he return with passion? or retire early?



Yet another dull journey

I’m cold and hungry

Today is going slowly


Date: 2/12/2018

Location: Kings Norton, Birmingham, UK

Camera: Sony ILCE-6000


Project: That Usual Boredom on No18 Bus Journey

Collection: Shenanigans on Public Transportations


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- What story do you see?

- What do you want to see from me next?

- What does it remind you of?

-What’s your Interpretation?

-What do you think?

-Do you Love it, Hate it?

-How does it make you feel?

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