Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Photo Walks

The world talks

I eavesdrop

I explore and listen

I go digital and manipulate on photoshop

My photography can be spontaneous

My reality through a lens bear witness

You never know how interesting the world is until you start documenting it
— Callum Joel Richards

Street Light : Amber


Ever so bright

The Amber Night

Artificial light

Overwhelms my sight


fictional story_

Icarus’s wings are burning

The last thing he sees is the swarm of moths Dancing

Around the light

Should Ambition ever take flight?



Amber lights 

look beautiful in my opinion

It warms my nights

I’m just a curious person finding inspiration from the everyday and random


Date: 28/11/2018

Location: May Lane, Kings Heath, Birmingham, UK

Camera: Sony ILCE-6000


Collection: PHOTO WALKS


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- What story do you see?

- What do you want to see from me next?

- What does it remind you of?

-What’s your Interpretation?

-What do you think?

-Do you Love it, Hate it?

-How does it make you feel?

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