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From the enlightened writer

Shining light

Upon the sinner

Wordplay from a mind ever so bright

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Luminous Interlude PT II

Time to Shine

Upon the beautiful

And the grime

Time for the Intellectual

That shares his time

Time for the society to become equal

Poverty is a crime

Time for the wealth to become level

I’m gonna shine so bright that i blind the devil

I’m gonna shine and expose the criminal

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Luminous Interlude

Photonic delight

I’m not going quiet into the night

I’m striving to be morally right

I’m gonna shine bright

But nobody is as pure as light

We’re not monochromatic, but shades of good and evil

Part Angel, Part Devil

All human

Part Darkness, Part Luminous

But i’m gonna strive for goodness

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Luminous Artwork

Illuminating with colour

Bringing attention to matter

and what really does matter

Within the structure

Of what is burning within the canvas

All my thoughts rough and subtle in texture

Colour is the metaphor of the painter

Within which meaning and purpose is alight

The message behind the work can shine bright

What do you interpret within the contrast?

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Luminous Art Outro

Colour defining matter 

Waves of light

Paint is more than a transfer of tone and texture

Meaning within the pigment

It’s love, passion and history

Contrasts and compliments upon a wheel

Different shades influencing how we feel

Different hues created through varying frequency of luminosity

Wavelengths of emotion

The truth of us concealed within a photon

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Luminous Writer Outro

Shining light upon what really matters

Shining light upon issues kept out of the sun

I fire photons at truth’s thought long gone

Lies exposed, Naked Sinners

No evil can escape my sight, not even at night

I am the light keeping the cosmos alight

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Luminous Poem


Every rebellion was built on hope

Loving, sharing and caring

A better world, Together building

That light refuses to die, it burns within

Illuminate yourself and see those beside you

Let love be humanity’s legacy

What will you do today? Who will you help?

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