Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Indian Ink

I'm just another urban memory 

Drowning in the melancholy

Think within the ink

Not so subtle with my thoughts or brush

Drunk on contrasts

Another millennial tragedy

Mixing ideas

Apply the darkness to paper

Fading the meaning

The transition of dark tones and water

Don’t Drown in your own Think
— callum Joel Richards
Cal’s ink paintings are either simple and striking like a Frank Miller Comic Graphic or incredibly deep and layered compositions of melancholic greys reflecting on dark themes. It’s a crazy mix of two opposing styles
I won’t water down a statement
I won’t define or contrast a question
Indian Ink, 2 styles defining the way I think
— Callum Joel Richards
Many of them are beautiful but unsettling
I want to see more of these, They’re awesome
Visually impressive, This kid’s got talent
Of all the mediums, Cal’s ink paintings are my fave

Indian INK Intro

The abyss meets a river of light, mixing together into a pool of both day and night

50 shades of grey but without the kink. Just an artist creatively blending water and ink

I’m not just an artist. Think of me as an alchemist. Drink this passion, i bled these thoughts into ripe fruit for harvest