Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time

Frequency of Truth


Addition of profits, from gentrification

The greed and insanity will crumble capitalism

Politics is just the division of humanity from society

Mathematics of power is obvious to see

I am an artist looking to be free, documenting reality

The 1% and their collective psychosis
Their short term gain, Our Long Term Loss. To them, it’s a game called Profit
— Callum Joel Richards

What is the Fate of Irish Border and Future of The United Kingdom

What has become clear was - Where was the talk of the Irish border before and during the vote and campaign? A vote which many brexiteers saw as giving Britain more independence may end up splitting the United Kingdom

What will the fate of United Kingdom be with and without a deal?

The information is almost impossible to be reliable in this country when most people have picked their side and viciously defend it illustrating how divided the country has become.

It’s evident the word ‘Brexit’ is a term that ignites a fiery blaze of confirmation bias within every individual in the UK. Dogma blinding us from the real truth; that the divisions of the country are more than just generational but philosophical

The Problem with Brexit is unlike every successful movement there was a lack of clear vision. So many Brexiteers fail to agree on Soft or Hard Brexit. Moving forward a country needs unified momentum

Remain/Leave, the country needs to move in a unified direction, A second referendum, Hard Brexit, Soft Brexit, No Deal. Right now its as if we have a kingdom not so united, Whatever deal or choice it’s clear that it will only please some rather than all. The future of the union and the nation itself is at stake and nothing is certain