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Addition of profits, from gentrification

The greed and insanity will crumble capitalism

Politics is just the division of humanity from society

Mathematics of power is obvious to see

I am an artist looking to be free, documenting reality

The 1% and their collective psychosis
Their short term gain, Our Long Term Loss. To them, it’s a game called Profit
— Callum Joel Richards

Brexit and Theresa May's Leadership - Weak Leader?

Theresa May is currently fending off Brexit rebels, her weakness as a leader has been evident for quite some time however as the sharks circle do the Conservative party have a suitable replacement

Jacob-Rees-Mogg is far too out of touch and lives in a posh alternative dimension, Boris Johnson is a national embarrassment(we do not require a foolish mascot but a leader), Michael Gove’s stint as education secretary made him very unpopular

Despite her weakness, Theresa May is the strongest option the conservatives have. The actions of rebel party members is damaging and self serving above what is best for the country

A deal is preferable to no deal however it is also understandable that many Brexiteers feel betrayed by the deal and so do many who voted Remain. There is now a possibility of large majority of both sides being united in anger. However uncertainty is never a good thing for an economy

What has become clear was - Where was the talk of the Irish border before and during the vote and campaign? A vote which many brexiteers saw as giving Britain more independence may end up splitting the United Kingdom

Theresa May seems to have been put between a rock and a hard place in negotiations. Brexiteers argue a pro-Brexit PM would fare better however i argue it is too late to change that now without creating more chaos and uncertaintly

Weak Leader - Theresa May is without doubt a weak leader but currently the most intelligent option the Conservative party have as leader in this difficult transition

However both sides - Remain and Brexiteers seem united in their dislike of the governments handling of Brexit