Callum Joel Richards
Superhero Part Time


I knew you couldn’t resist but to click on the About me

You Nosey Voyeur trying to learn about thee

I honestly don’t know, What do you see when you look at me?

Your either offended, disgusted or interested or a combination of the three

Where did you find i? Tinder, Google or Insta?

Brands, Collectives and Movements founded by Callum

Birmingham based music collective


Birmingham based arts collective

Streetwear Brand


Exclusive Store/Gallery of TheArt4 Family

Video production company and film collective


Arts Collective


Art4London - London based Arts collective


London Music/Film Collective


Birmingham Renaissance Movement

A project that elevates the wonderful creatives, brands, collectives, individuals and collectives in Birmingham,UK


From Baby to Dysfunctional Human

-Born 1993

-Went to School, College and Uni

The rest is none of your business


Callum Richards is a Birmingham based artist whose work is a journey through a gamut of emotions, political statements and interrogations of reality and self.

I am compelled to create
If i have something on my mind, I can’t sleep unless i put it in a form of a painting or poem
— Callum Joel Richards

Callum’s refusal to specialise on one topic or medium is a reaction to the fear of being defined by his work in a world where many artists create the same work again and again. Art that doesn’t evolve are labelled as products by Callum whose philosophy for creating is built on the foundations of experimentation, curiosity and asking questions

Keep My Name off a list
Write my name in Lights
Pardon the ego
But i’m aiming for Great Heights
— Callum Joel Richards